Dear Community Member,

Information has recently been disseminated regarding the Sorenson Multicultural Center and the existing contract for management with Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation. Some of these rumors have included that Salt Lake City intends on turning this campus into a homeless resource center, closing the centers completely, or ending popular programs such as boxing and Junior Jazz. We would like to address any concerns and clear up any confusion.  Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County have a shared desire to ensure the highest level of service to the community at the recreation/aquatic center, as well as the Unity Center. We enjoy a long and celebrated relationship at this campus, with the County providing excellent recreational services for the community and the City providing additional high quality youth programming, education and more at the Unity Center. It is our desire to continue the hand-in-hand relationship at this campus without a change in the management structure.

The existing contract, however, for County services has long since expired, and we (City/County) are operating in good faith with short-term renewals. Salt Lake City is working with Salt Lake County to revise and extend the existing contract to ensure that the highest levels of service are being provided to the community.  Further we want to clearly define operational and capital improvement concerns and/or responsibilities, so that all parties have a clear path forward to address some of the community and facility needs.

Salt Lake City staff will be reaching out to partner with Salt Lake County,  the Sorenson Multicultural Advisory Board, and the community at large to explore whether the current programming and services at the campus as a whole (the aquatic center, the recreation center and classrooms, and the Unity Center) are fully integrated and – as a unified campus in the heart of the community -  are meeting the needs and desires of the community.

We are grateful for the community’s support of the Sorenson Multicultural Center and Unity Center. It is clear from discussions we’ve had with the Advisory Board, members of the community at public meetings, Councilman Johnston, and many others, that these facilities are highly valued, and discussions about improvements and its future inspire passion.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders in order to make the Sorenson Multicultural Center and the Unity Center the best campus possible for the community.



David Litvack, Deputy Chief of Staff


Office of the Mayor

Salt Lake City Corporation

O: 801-535-7739

M: 801-792-7172





The Sorenson Unity Center, located on the west side of Salt Lake City, is a 23,000 square foot LEED Silver neighborhood center that was created to support and celebrate the many cultures that exist side by side in this city.

The center offers programs and opportunities for health and fitness, for the arts and humanities, for cultural exchange, and for education and training. Child care, performance and rental space and WI-FI are also available.

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