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Area demographics

Area demographics

To determine the demographics of this target area, the City examined census statistics in the census tracts 1028.02,1029 (which goes north to 9th South west of I-15), 1031, and 1032.


White                       12,093
African American           486
Asian                            618
Pacific Islander             711
Other                         1,801

Hispanic                    3,978
(On the census form “Hispanic” is not listed as a race. The majority of those who fall under the "other" category are also Hispanic.)

Median Age

There are 6,773 housing units in the target area. 3,160 of those units are owner occupied (49.5%) and 3,221 (50.5%) are renter occupied.

4,646 speak English as their primary language, while 979 are native Spanish speakers, 357 are native speakers of another Indo-European language, 283 are native speakers of Asian or Pacific Islander languages (primarily Tongan), and 137 who are native speakers of some other languages. The Salt Lake City School District reports that there are at least 28 languages spoken by residents of the target area.

Place of Birth
3,671 residents of the target area were originally born in another country

Family Type
Female Head of household with children under 18                                   543
Male head of household with no wife present and children under 18      183

Median Family Income
$36, 000

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