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Charming Marks works by Michael Edwards

"No matter seemingly random or even apathetic, every mark made by an artist is an authentic record of that individual's experience. That said, every mark is also something in itself, separate from that being which willy-nilly brought it into existence. while i acknowledge the connection between mind and my work i don't want to enslave them as my proxies. Each of my painting is a diverse collage of colors and marks, which i have allowed to grow into a unique face. More recently I've been interested in seeing how much figuration i can eliminate while still retaining a facial resemblance. To that end, you may notice the inorganic forms such as blocks, triangles, and straight lines starting to invade some pieces. the harder shapes and lines serve to both to reinforce and contradict the dovetail of marks in participating in overall countenance. I hope these faces will; allow my marks to live full and interesting lives in hour minds without a shackled subservience to my own. I fantasize that one day they will grow hands and feet and make their way back to their fathers grave to say "hello"."

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